What is the Hei-Matau?

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Typically a Hei-Matau is a fish-hook shape carved out of ivory, bone shell, or wood.  Over time they also became ornate and were used as Jewelry.  The Maori people (native people of New Zealand) the Hei-Matau is a cultural treasure.  It represented several ideals including safe passage over water.  Originally they were used for fishing but today they are not functional and are more ornamental.  It is thought the Hei-Matau goes back thousands of years.

The Hei-Matau inspired "water drop" logo for Aquacy dive watches took inspiration from the Hei-Matau and when famed explorer James Cook first made contact with the Maori in 1769.  Thus the 1769 series Aquacy 300m Dive Watch was born.

It seemed only natural that a symbol meaning safe passage over water would be used in dive watches.  Surprisingly while perhaps millions of Hei-Matau inspired jewelry are manufactured each year it seems no one had every used it on a watch before.


We changed that with the creation of the Aquacy brand.  The best value in dive watches.

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