Caliber Comparisons: ETA 2824-2 vs. Miyota 9015

Caliber Comparisons: ETA 2824-2 vs. Miyota 9015

At Aquacy, we believe that choice is important when deciding on a watch. That’s why the new Aquacy 1769 automatic dive watch is available with 14 different dial options and every watch is shipped with an extra silicone strap for when you want to swap out your metal bracelet for a different look. Aside from external options, the self-winding Aquacy 1769 diver is available with either an ETA 2824-2 caliber or a Miyota 9015 caliber powering the watch. Both solid automatic watch movements, each caliber has its own pros and cons. If you’re unsure which Aquacy watch is right for...

Best Value Dive Watches.  What Features Make Up The Best Value?

Best Value Dive Watches. What Features Make Up The Best Value?

You can google "Best Value Dive Watches" and you will find tons of sites directing you to the best dive watches.  Of course what is the "best" is largely subjective. What features make up best value dive watches?  We think we know. Build Quality:   A good strap or bracelet well attached to the case is important. A good dive watch could last for decades if maintained properly.  316L Stainless for the build material would be preferred and most common. A good tight bezel with little to no play is a sign or a good build with great tolerances. Legibility:  Above...

Pro Diver Watches.  What Makes a Watch a "Pro Diver"?

Pro Diver Watches. What Makes a Watch a "Pro Diver"?

Pro Diver is short for "Professional Diver".  What makes a Pro Diver Watch?  We suppose that might be up for debate among watch enthusiasts. The first pro diver watch in a traditional sense was made by Blancpain and called the Fifty Fathoms in 1953.   Many believe the Rolex Submariner design drew inspiration from the Fifty Fathoms.  Some say Rolex outright ripped off the design.  Whichever side you are on today you can see the design of these two innovative companies in many different brands of watches including our Aquacy Pro Diver Watches. As far as the term "Pro Diver Watch"...

What is the Hei-Matau?

What is the Hei-Matau?

Typically a Hei-Matau is a fish-hook shape carved out of ivory, bone shell, or wood.  Over time they also became ornate and were used as Jewelry.  The Maori people (native people of New Zealand) the Hei-Matau is a cultural treasure.  It represented several ideals including safe passage over water.  Originally they were used for fishing but today they are not functional and are more ornamental.  It is thought the Hei-Matau goes back thousands of years. The Hei-Matau inspired "water drop" logo for Aquacy dive watches took inspiration from the Hei-Matau and when famed explorer James Cook first made contact with...

Aquacy is Launching On Kickstarter!

Aquacy is Launching On Kickstarter!

Update 9/10/18: We Launched! Coming Soon to Kickstarter.  Aquacy will launch on Kickstarter sometime in Sept. 2018.  Check back often as we will update with exact date as soon as we have it available. The popularity of Kickstarter watches cannot be underestimated.  Aquacy is no doubt (in our opinion but we are a bit biased) destined to be one of the best Kickstarter watches of 2018.  Will it be one of the best Kickstarter watches 2018?  Only time will tell.  It seems many of the top Kickstarter watches are dive watches.  Kickstarter automatic watches seem to have the most popularity as...

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