Newest review on the Aquacy Cave Diver Series
This is a high end Watch. All the details of a multi Thousand dollar watch.
I went with white mother of pearl and the ETA movement.
My new Daily watch.
Thank you so much for making the Aquacy
Best watch for the money ever!
       ---Mark. R., Purchase


In fit, finish, looks, and specs, the Aquacy watch compares favorably with watches costing hundreds more. An added bonus is the service from the vendor, Upscale. I've made a number of purchases from them over the years and have never received anything short of fantastic service from Darrell and company. I look forward to purchasing other in-house models as they develop and hit the market. I unconditionally recommend both the watch and the vendor.
       ---David M., Kickstarter Backer


Great Company
I recently purchased this watch, with the black face. The watch itself is perfect, performs as it should and looks great. The reason i felt compelled to write this review however was based on the people and customer service I’ve received. While i have not had to deal with them due to any issue with the watch, i did deal with them in literally all phases of the purchase in the forms of questions prior to my purchase, while i was waiting to receive my watch and as soon as i received my watch. They’ve been absolutely perfect each step of the way and i strongly recommend this watch based on the product itself but more importantly the company behind this product.
        ---J.F.K, Katy, Texas, Kickstarter Backer


Best watch for the money ever!
Absolutely amazing watch. Here it is with the rubber band. I have a very eclectic collection of watches from Patek to Rolex and Hublot and would would put this watch up against all of them for time keeping. Spent a week in the Caribbean last week and it didn't miss a beat. Gorgeous timepiece!
       ---T.D. Reynolds, Kickstarter Backer, Owner of 4 Aquacy Watches


I was an early backer of this watch. The Swiss movement is timeless. The watch has simple lines and is beautiful.
       ---R. Green, Kickstarter Backer


"Truly wonderfully designed watches with a high quality Miyota automatic movement."
       ---Al Snow,  Watch Enthusiast With A Collection of More Than 150 Pieces.  Retired Professional Wrestler. Owner of Ohio Valley Wresting and The Collar And Elbow Clothing Line.


"I was one of the lucky ones and have had my Aquacy for several months now. I am a Fireman/Paramedic/Rescue Diver and I can say hands down this watch holds up better than two previous dive watches of similar style and price. It is my daily watch even on duty and I am surprised at how well it has held up. It is comfortable to wear even under my bunker gear. I especially love how bright it is in the dark which is crucial at times with my work. It keeps time perfect and is easy to use. The way that it comes packaged is top of the line especially for the price, lots of unexpected extras! I hope they come out with a women's version soon because I would love to buy one for my wife who is a Flight Nurse/Paramedic"
     ---Jake L., Texas.  Fire Captain/Paramedic/Rescue Diver, Early Prototype Reviewer/Tester