Terms of use for Aquacywatch.com Points Loyalty Program

Terms of use for Aquacywatch.com Points Loyalty Program
Points have no cash value.  They can only be redeemed for products or discounts on products once the specified rewards level is reached.
Unused Points expire every 2 years on a rolling basis.
Once a reward tier is reached, points can be used for a discount at checkout or the option of a free product if the tier points cover the full purchase price. 
Points may also be redeemed on our sister brand's site Aquacywatch.com.  Points on the two sites may also be combined. In order to do so, the rewards member must email us at info@aquacywatch.com for verification and approval.  
As of 6-30-22 points are earned as follows:
100 Points for signing up for the program
100 Points for Following us on Facebook
100 Points for following us on Instagram
1 point is earned for each $1 spent on Aquacywatch.com, excluding any taxes paid on the purchase.  For example, if you spend $600 you earn 600 points. No points are earned for the amount taken off of a purchase price using rewards points.
Rewards Tiers Are As Follows:
1400 Points = $285 Discount
2700 Points = $585 Discount
3900 Points = $885 Discount
5200 Points = $1185 Discount

Rewards can only be used once above tiers are reached.  No partial rewards can be used.
Any points earned on purchases will be voided upon the return of the item.  Once the rewards points from a purchase are redeemed for a discount or free item, the item in the original purchase, used to accumulate the points, becomes non-returnable even within the 30-day return policy.
Aquacywatch.com reserves the right to:
Cancel the program at any time without notice .
Change how points are earned at any time without notice.
Change anything about the program at any time without notice.
If the program is discontinued, points will be honored if the rewards member has currently reached a rewards tier at the time of discontinuation.  If a reward tier has not yet been reached at the time of discontinuation,  points will be not be honored, but a product discount or coupon code may be given to members instead completely at the discretion of Aquacy Watches.   
By Participating in the program and making a purchase on Aquacywatch.com you agree to the above terms and conditions.