Aquacy is Launching On Kickstarter!

Posted by Puja Dey on

Update 9/10/18: We Launched!

Coming Soon to Kickstarter.  Aquacy will launch on Kickstarter sometime in Sept. 2018.  Check back often as we will update with exact date as soon as we have it available.

The popularity of Kickstarter watches cannot be underestimated.  Aquacy is no doubt (in our opinion but we are a bit biased) destined to be one of the best Kickstarter watches of 2018.  Are we correct?  Only time will tell.  It seems many of the top Kickstarter watches are automatic dive watches, if the price is right of course!  Watch companies that use Kickstarter, both new brands and old favorites, have been changing the game in the watch industry as a whole for quite some time now and we absolutely expect this to continue.  We predict that the model where companies gain funding through Kickstarter, then go direct to consumer sales, will eventually be the norm for nearly almost all brands of watches.

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