Caliber Comparisons: ETA 2824-2 vs. Miyota 9015

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At Aquacy, we believe that choice is important when deciding on a watch. That’s why the new Aquacy 1769 automatic dive watch is available with 14 different dial options and every watch is shipped with an extra silicone strap, for when you want to swap out your metal bracelet for a different look. Aside from external options, the self-winding Aquacy 1769 diver is available with either the ETA 2824-2 caliber or the Miyota 9015 caliber movement. Both solid automatic watch movements, each caliber has its own pros and cons. If you’re unsure which Aquacy watch is right for you, read our handy guide where we compare the ETA 2824-2 vs. Miyota 9015.


How Good is ETA 2824?

A highly popular automatic movement, Caliber ETA 2824-2 is often referred to as a "workhorse movement" given its ubiquity in the mechanical watch space.  With it's robust durability and proven reliability it has been in production since 1982. For 40 years it has been used in brands both large and small due to it's quality and proven reputation.

Measuring 25.6 mm in diameter and 4.6 mm in height, the ETA 2824-2 powers center hour, minute, and sweeping seconds hands, along with a date window at 3 o’clock. It operates at 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz), includes 25 jewels, and provides a 38-hour power reserve. The ETA 2824-2 utilizes a bi-directional rotor to wind up the movement.

There’s also hacking seconds—meaning the seconds hand will come to a complete stop when the winding crown is pulled out—for precise time-setting. Plus, the date is an instantaneous date feature, which means that at midnight the date will “jump” to the next day rather than a slow and gradual roll. The accuracy rating of the ETA 2824-2 is +/-12 seconds per day up to +/- 30 seconds per day.

Due to its Swiss-made pedigree, the ETA 2824-2 movement is more expensive than comparable movements made in other countries. It’s no secret that Switzerland is the nation most associated with fine watchmaking, therefore calibers that originate from Swiss workshops come with a premium.  


The Japanese Miyota 9015

Made in Japan by Citizen, the Miyota 9015 automatic movement offers similar functionality as the ETA 2824-2 but at a lower price point. 

The Miyota 9015 measures 26 mm in diameter but it is slightly slimmer than the ETA at 3.9 mm thick. It includes the center hour, minute, and sweeping seconds hand (also hacking), in addition to a date window. However, the date window is not a quick change one but instead, it gradually turns to the following day. Frequency rate is the same at 28,000 bph, yet it has a higher power reserve of about 42 hours. Unlike the ETA, the Miyota 9015 utilizes a unidirectional rotor to wind up the movement, which some wearers have noted is markedly noisier.

The accuracy rating of the Miyota 9015 movement is +/-10 seconds per day up to +/- 30 seconds per day.

 Miyota 9015 Movement


ETA 2824-2 vs. Miyota 9015 Specifications



ETA 2824-2

Miyota 9015


Hour, minute, sweeping seconds. Date window.

Hour, minute, sweeping seconds. Date window.


4.60 mm

3.90 mm


25.60 mm

26.00 mm








28,800 beats per hour

28,800 beats per hour

Power Reserve

38 hours

42 hours

Hacking Seconds



Date Change



Accuracy Rating

12~30 seconds per day

10~30 seconds per day

Price Point

More expensive

Less expensive

Country of Origin



Production Start




ETA 2824-2 or Miyota 9015. Which is the Better Choice for the Aquacy 1769 Watch?

Thanks to their robustness, reliability, and ease-of-use, the ETA 2824-2 and the Miyota 9015 automatic movements are great choices for sports watches such as the Aquacy 1769.  

Since both movements offer very similar functionality, it really comes down to your views on the importance of the Swiss origin movement and whether or not that deserves the extra cost. That is why we offer both options within the Aquacy 1769 collection, so you can decide which movement is a better fit for your budget and lifestyle. 

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  • I’ve been wearing a Sinn 556A with the ETA 2824 almost daily for more than two years. Once it settled in, it’s been consistently no more than plus or minus 1 1/2 seconds per day, no matter how active I am on any particular day. It’s a top-grade version, which I understand is the chronometer build, but without the paperwork. And I’ve been told Sinn goes out of their way regulating them before they leave the factory.

    John B on
  • ETA vs Miyota. If you have the money and do not mind spending it, why not buy upscale and go with the ETA. If you prefer a less expensive watch and are interested in it getting the job done and may be noisier with one of its operations, BUT like the extra power reserve, go with the Miyota. For my desires in a watch, I lean toward the Miyota, being the every day work horse watch. The ETA powered watch will be for when I want a watch to attend certain special functions.

    Carlos Chavez on
  • I have owned several of both movements. Both are fine in quality. But I think, for accuracy, I would say that the miyota wins. Just by a little.

    Robert Watkins on
  • I have a Miyota 9015 based watch – came out of the box at about + 9 seconds/day. After a bit fine tuning with a time graph app, I was able to get it adjusted to +1.9 seconds/day measured over 4 days. Very decent performance.

    Michael on
  • My eta 2824 can be quite accurate, more like 5 seconds a day.
    michael on

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