Tiger’s Eye Stone, History and Uses Including Tigers Eye Watches

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Overview: Tiger’s Eye Stone





Tiger's eye stone is a metamorphic rock that’s available in several different colors and shades. Its color is opaque, and it falls under the mineral classification of chalcedony or quartz. The stone, with a silky luster, forms over other types of minerals, such as crocidolite, until it replaces it using dense fibers that make natural striations of gorgeous colors in the gemstone. Usually, you find overtones or streaks of brown or yellow in this gemstone; however, if you’re lucky enough to own a rare version such as green or blue, you’ll find the same kind of streaks and striations naturally composed in the stone’s luster.


What Are the Properties and Meanings of This Gemstone?


This lustrous gemstone is a type of chalcedony consisting of multiple layers. The gem’s name is based upon the similarities it shares with patterns that surround a tiger’s eye. The gemstone ranks a 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness and is typically shaped into forms like obelisks, tumbled stones, and pyramids which, as a result, are incorporated into meditation tools, home decor, and jewelry.


From a metaphysical viewpoint, the gemstone is a powerful energizer frequently utilized to amplify one’s internal strength that might lay repressed or dormant because of trauma or stress. That property of the crystal then will transition to enhancing confidence, in general. That loop of positive feedback is what makes this gemstone so widely used to assist in building powerful and bold habits, personalities, and traits. Also, the gemstone assists in bringing clarity to a chaotic mind. That makes it great for developing self-discipline, as well as working through challenging points in your life.


Also, a tiger’s eye stone is generally related to protection from evil spirits. Many cultures use the gemstone to ward off “evil eyes”. In turn, the stone may be worn as a guardian talisman or incorporated into protective altars.


Where Is it Found?


It’s an extremely unique stone; therefore, it definitely stands out no matter how you wear it or where you are. The main source of this stone across the world is in South Africa alongside the northern Cape province. The South African deposits are so massive that they’ve almost single-handedly contributed to the affordability of specific colors such as brown, red, or yellow.


Also, there are several other regions that have found the gemstone, like the United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand, India, and Namibia. Almost all these areas specialize in certain kinds of this gemstone, one or two various colors.


Enhancements and Treatments


Most of these stones aren’t treated and are natural. Some of the maroon or red-toned ones are dyed to reach that color.


Is Tiger’s Eye Stone Expensive?


It’s both inexpensive and expensive. Confusing as that may be, there are various kinds of stones, and some are rarer than others. For instance, the blue variant is extremely rare, and thereby, extremely expensive. Likewise, the honey version is just as rare and because of that, just as expensive. However, there are other variants more commonly discovered, like the light brown version that was the initial gemstone that inspired its name, or red variant. These gemstones, no matter how they’re used, get more typically mined around the world and discovered in more worldwide mines that they’re frequently more cost-effective.


Does It Have a Spiritual Meaning?


The answer is yes, it has a lot of spiritual meaning. The stone is notorious for its healing properties. The gold, yellow hue of the brown version or the honey variant instills willpower, confidence, and clear thinking, helping with one’s personal life. A lot of folks turn to this stone, no matter the variant, to help detoxify the blood, to bring good luck, confidence, emotional centeredness, and courage.


What Are the Different Kinds?


There are several different kinds, such as multi-colored, yellow and gold, blue, and red. Typically, the various names refer to the varying color patterns you may get in a given stone; however, each comes along with various spiritual meanings and is discovered in different regions.


Brown Tiger’s Eye Stone: Where Is It Found?


The brown variant has been mined inside Africa yet has additionally come up in areas of the United States, Brazil, and Australia.


Does It Have a Spiritual Meaning?


Brown versions may help you stay safe if you perceive danger, help you stay grounded, and improve your creative endeavors.


Where Is The Red Version Found?


Most red ones are found in Western Australia and South Africa.


Does It Have a Spiritual Meaning?


Red ones are strongly regarded for energy improvement and body force strengthening. When you dress in this stone, it is possible to use it to help your root chakra and help to ground yourself. The gemstone helps to live in the moment, achieve balance where your energy is concerned, and slow down.


Where Is The Blue One Found?


The blue version has been discovered in massive deposits all throughout Namibia, Canada, India, and Brazil.


Does it Have a Spiritual Meaning?


Sometimes, blue ones are called Hawk's Eye. It has a natural gray, blue, and green color to it, improving your clarity and giving you a better viewpoint like that accomplished from a hawk flying overhead. The blue variant is notorious for strengthening your will and improving your courage, ideal for one needing more confidence, whether that’s going to a job interview or heading to a dinnertime social event. That hawkeye perspective level will help to make challenging decisions and continuously see the bigger picture in otherwise complicated circumstances.


Where Is the Golden Tiger’s Eye Stone Found?


The golden stone is almost primarily found in South Africa, with some stones found in India and Australia.


Does It Have a Spiritual Meaning?


The golden one will improve your level of peace. The yellow golden color in this particular stone brings together the energy of the sun and the Earth, helping you act on your intuition, and release any introversion or fear you may have. Furthermore, wearing the gemstone may support the third chakra.


Honey Variants: Where Are They Found?


The honey version is one of the rarest you’ll encounter, and it has been discovered all throughout the continent of Africa in countries such as East Asia, Namibia, and South Africa.


Does It Have a Spiritual Meaning?


Honey ones may release your fear and enable you to notice the interconnectedness of things around you. Dressing in this kind of stone in your daily life will help your ego stay balanced while additionally helping one’s physical self stay grounded.


How Do You Spot a Fake One?


Spotting a fake stone is a challenge, depending upon the color you’re looking into. It typically has several color shades in one piece; therefore, it is likely that, for instance, a piece of red stone is going to have a tiny, yet extremely distinct, red streak in the middle of a duller shade. Specimens that are fully red all of the way around without any variation or streaks are probably fake. The same holds true of the light blue stone, referred to as Hawk’s eye. That’s rare, yet it usually has a greyish-blue hue to it and not a dark or solid blue.


A good rule is if you notice a bright color all of the way throughout the whole stone without any variations or striations, it is likely fake. Natural gemstones have more color variation and imperfections.


Where Did It Receive Its Name From?


Just as expected, the stone receives its name because of how similar the golden brown opalescent shade is to that of a tiger's eye. There are several different types and colors of this stone, of course, yet they still bear an amazing resemblance to the slit of a feline’s eyeball.


Tigers Eye Stones


What Can It Be Used For?


All throughout history, the stone has been utilized for several things. People have donned these gemstones as talismans as they travel on business to assist them in remaining secure and safe, as well as see through any negative emotions.


There are other stories of the stone being provided to soldiers in the field to assist them in overcoming their fear and anxiety.


Because there are several spiritual properties related to improving and enforcing your mental strength, it may be used as a bracelet, an amulet, an earring, or a necklace worn to any social event in which you may need a boost of confidence, strength, or mental balance, like a social night with friends for people who are introverts, a business interview, or a visit into town for a music concert.

It may be used for anything that ranges from necklaces, cufflinks, rings, bracelets, and Tigers eye watch products for men, in addition to bracelets, pins, necklaces, and rings for women. It’s an inexpensive stone depending upon the color and is routinely crafted into beads for bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Stone cuts aren’t as common yet may occasionally be found in floral pins or larger jewelry.


Tigers Eye Watch Dial


Caring for the Stone


  • For one minute, run water over the gemstone

  • Use singing bowl

  • Cleanse it using your choice of sacred herb

  • For 24 hours, bury it under the ground

  • Leave it in the sun or moonlight overnight for a couple of hours


Why Is It So Popular?


Since it was first encountered, it has been among the most highly sought-after gemstones. Ancient Chinese people thought that the tiger was a protector against evil, and because of that, it offered a direct link to Tigers. The gemstone was usually carved into jewelry and amulets and then donned by those wanting to protect themselves from evil spirits.


It was believed in ancient Egypt that dressing in a bracelet with these gemstones was a tribute to the sun god, embodied the sun’s rays, and was an overwhelming life force symbol. Pharaohs donned this type of jewelry to improve their vitality and their strength. As a matter of fact, a good deal of this type of jewelry has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.


However, they were not the only folks who liked this particular gemstone. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that it’d harness their concentration and provide extra protection. It was normal for Roman soldiers to don an amulet when going into battle. It was once believed that the gemstone offered the owner the characteristics of a tiger, i.e., bravery, critical thinking, and patience. Wearing it would help the soldiers stay fearless.


Even modern-day wearers understand that it offers that same kind of strength, the exact same positive attributes of felines, as well as the courage needed to stay clear of thought and even-keeled, concentrated on your purpose without any fear holding you back.

Tigers Eye Stone Earrings


Final Thoughts


There is a reason why the tiger’s eye stone is so widely collected and cherished. It is among the most powerful and purest healing crystals available. Not to mention, it is absolutely breathtaking. Because of its wide availability, there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t have the stone in your collection, prepared to help manifest courage and strength wherever and whenever it’s needed.



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