The History Of Abalone And it's Use in Jewelry and Abalone Watches

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Overview: Abalone Gem

Abalone isn’t a stone; it’s an organic gem. But jewelers and gem dealers include it in the category of gemstone because it’s of natural origin.

The gem stems from the shells of sea snails. The shell’s inner layer is mother of pearl referred to as nacre. The interior shell is iridescent in various species.

Archeologists have discovered shells in sites worldwide, even places from 100,000 years ago. The Native American people harvested them as far back as 12,000 years ago. Its shells have been in use for decorative goods like inlay, buttons, and jewelry.

Poaching and overfishing decreased the populations in a number of sites so that these days, a lot of countries imposed bans on importing, exporting, and gathering wild-caught abalone.

Divers pulled the gem from the seas until the 1950s. During that era, farming of the gem started in China and Japan. Now, the practice has spread to other countries, and pretty much all gems presently derive from commercial "ranches." Designers and artisans value the shells for their iridescence and extensive array of colors.

Usual Origins

Abalone can be found in the cold waters of Australia, South Africa, Western North America, New Zealand, and Japan. There are 7 species of this gem living in beds off of the California coast.

Care and Hardness

It has a 3.5 on the Mohs Scale and doesn’t resist scratches.

It’s not suitable for daily wear or rings without highly protective settings. It’s most appropriate for pendants, necklaces, brooches, earrings, or other design projects like an abalone watch, unlikely to experience scratches or harsh blows.

abalone watch dial

It may be cleaned using soap and warm water and then dried thoroughly using a damp, soft cloth. Its pieces must be kept out of direct sunlight due to their colors potentially fading.


The iridescent interior shell exhibits scores of color variants, produced by the diet of mollusks: green, blue, yellow, pink, gray, orange, and white are its predominant colors.


Individuals who believe in the minerals’ and gemstones’ metaphysical properties suggest that the gem brings mental clarity, calm, compassion, intuition, love, emotional balance, and imagination. Physically, it’s related to muscle problems, healing joint pain, arthritis, and digestion. Also, it’s said to help in detox since it assists in building physical strength.


Abalone, in North America, was utilized by the Native population for a variety of reasons.

Beyond being a critical meat source, they also made use of the shells to make fishing accessories and bowls. They were utilized to fashion jewelry and other types of decorations. Maybe most importantly, the gem would be used for trading and bartering goods.

abalone meal

It also has been discovered in archeological sites worldwide. That includes Blombos Cave in South Africa and the Northern Chanel Islands in California.

In those areas, the gem was used in making musical instruments, artwork, decorative bowls, and jewelry. Its energy and physical healing benefits might’ve contributed to its wide use.

What Are Some of Its New Age Meanings?

If you’re a believer in the psychic powers of organic, ancient gemstones, the gem has a lot to offer.

It may stimulate psychic development like intuition. It may improve your capability of expressing your emotions with clarity. It may encourage cooperation with the ones around you in your personal life or at work.

Maybe your family life or work life is stressful at this time. The shell will attract clarity of mind and tranquility.

A lot of people swear by its capability of helping to work through emotional situations, be they right now or things that occurred in past lives or in the past. Let us discuss other uses and meanings of the abalone shell.


Connecting to Chakras

The chakras connected with the shell are the crown, the third eye, as well as the heart. Those are places related to intuition, harmonizing with the intuitive properties that are attached to the shell.

Cleansing Rituals

In a cleansing ritual, it’s believed that holding onto the gem’s iridescent shell increases a sense of purity. It deepens the impact of the spiritual cleanse.

The rituals involve burning sage to clear negative energies from a specific space or from within. Families and couples may perform these rituals to cleanse an area in their home when they move to a new house or after an argument.

The sage’s smoke is believed to bless areas with positive light and clear all of the bad energies.

Symbol of Water

A lot of cultures imagine the gem as a symbol of water. Its tranquility and calmness safeguard us from the unsettling passions of life. It washes away unpleasantness and shields us from darkness.

Way to Protect and Heal

The abalone shell appears like a type of shield. So, it isn’t any surprise that it has healing and protective qualities.


It brings emotional balance and safety from harm. It may protect the heart - in the metaphysical and physical aspects. Also, it’s said to assist digestion and boost the immune system.

It may be utilized for anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with skin flare-ups, cases of arthritis, and joint disorders.

Motherhood and Fertility 

The mollusk is fertile, or fecund, for its species. As a result, many folks attempting to conceive or seeking to guarantee the health of a grandchild or new child wear the gem.

The fertility components may bring abundance, wealth, or new opportunities in the workplace. In many native cultures, the shell has been utilized as a type of currency.

For new moms, what better present than the mother-of-pearl? It may offer much-needed physical, emotional, and mental support to new mothers. It may remind a new mom of the extraordinary act she carried out in nurturing and creating an individual spirit.

Calming Us

The relaxing noise of ocean waves surrounded the gem its entire life. It’s believed that those relaxing waves transit to the shell’s wearer. As a result, it may relax the spirit and calm the mind. Admiring the shell’s natural beauty and holding the shell alone may remind us of the daily miracles that surround us.

It may remind us to take inventory of what we have and to celebrate and appreciate it. When we’re experiencing troubling times it may be a reminder of the peace in nature that we’re able to connect to if we want.

The abalone stone may remind us of the uniqueness of each and every one of us. It may assist us in tolerating the imperfectness in each of us, as well as in each one of our personal relationships.

As Power Boost

In improving our power to clearly communicate our emotions, the gem may be used as a symbol of feminine power and empowerment.

The gem has protected the mollusk’s soft core. It may protect the more sensitive components in us, which projects an image of beauty and strength to the world outside.

As a Gift

The gem makes a wonderful gift, like buying an abalone watch for that special man in your life! Maori people believe it has the power to bring prosperity, peace, and luck to the person who wears it.


Perhaps the person wearing the piece likes water, and the abalone shell may be a reminder of the sea.

What Are The Physical Health Benefits of The Stone?

The gem provides more than healing energies. It additionally has physical health benefits.

It may be used to strengthen your muscles and improve heart health. As a matter of fact, it may strengthen overall body structure. Those effects also can be observed in the capability of relieving joint disorders like arthritis.

The gem has a positive impact on our immune system. In enabling the body to more easily absorb proteins, it is believed to be a digestive aid.

The gem also can benefit your bones. It especially holds true concerning the spinal column, as well as tiny cracks in skeletal structure.

If you’re experiencing a vitamin D and A deficiency, the gem can help to absorb these better. It also can treat rashes, skin diseases, and allergic reactions.

How Can You Make The Stone More Powerful?

In order to hone the energy of your surrounding environment, you can combine lapis lazuli with abalone. It’ll help to make your immediate atmosphere more stable and calm.

Once combined with amber, it’s ideal for new moms. It offers support emotionally, mentally, and physically. It assists women in coming to terms with being new moms.

For an increased feeling of calm and relaxation, combine with other stones such as Hiddenite, moonstone, Picasso stone, aragonite, blue chalcedony, and calcite.

Where Can They Be Found?

There are more than 100 abalone varieties worldwide. They’re usually found in coastal, cold waters like the ones of South  Africa, New Zealand, West of North America, Japan, and Australia. In Africa, it’s currently a $35M industry.

Mollusks with iridescent, vibrant shells are the most sought-after for use in jewelry. Turning the shells toward the light may reveal multiple hues, from peacock green and blue to turquoise to gold shimmer, purple, and rose pink.

abalone shell gem

Abalone shells may vary from a couple of inches to 7” long. That means jewelry coming from shells varies in shape and size.

The uses of the gem may surprise you. It can be used as an inspiration for wedding themes, makeup palettes, laminates and tiles in home decor, as well as for use in men’s watches, especially the abalone watch.

The deeply spiritual meaning and iridescent colors bring special attributes to the household adorned with it.

Wearing Abalone Jewelry

Iridescent sea shells flatter both cool and warm skin tones. They change color each time they’re seen in a different light– certainly a part of their charm.

That means they may be paired with virtually any outfit. It’s exquisite when combined with other types of ocean gemstones.

The spiritual and rich cultural significance of this gem makes it a worldwide conversation starter. So why not invest in a big statement piece such as a chunky necklace pendant?

It’s possible to wear it alone or with earrings. A lot of women in teaching, therapeutic, and public speaking roles dress in a piece such as this to strengthen them and help them be more articulate.

Not unlike the way that the Maoris people used its spiritual powers for hundreds of years.

The shell exhibits best nestled in natural, platinum, or silver fibers. In addition, it may be nested in gold or rose gold - it just depends on the coloring of the user as to which metal works better.

Bring The Spiritual Gem into Your Life

Once the waves of life toss us to and fro, Aquacy’s shell jewelry may remind us that it is possible to create meaningful and special things even during turbulent times.

It may be an inspiring and healing gift to present to someone you love, or even to yourself.

Our abalone is a byproduct of the abalone industry off of the coast of New Zealand, which mainly supplies the Asian market with abalone meat. By New Zealand law, they can only free dive for them, (Read other rules here), so the shells are sustainably harvested. 

Abalone free dive harvest

Look at our option of abalone watches. Our watch dials are handmade. Bring this spiritual gem into your life and witness its power for yourself!

abalone watch

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