New Aquacy Cave Diver Open Heart Coming Soon!

Posted by Puja Dey on

Coming soon, the New Aquacy Cave Diver Model.  This fabulous model will be in stock around Oct-Nov. 2019 but available for special pre-sale pricing to advance buyers (price to be determined) starting sometime in July 2019.

The series will come in 5 color combinations featuring Abalone and Mother of Pearl dials.  The series will have an open heart with Japanese NH38 Engine, 120 Click bezel, and many other highly desirable features.  As always, the price will be amazing.

Featuring a 200m water resistance The Cave Diver is inspired by the record breaking, deepest cold water cave dive ever completed.  The dive occurred in New Zealand in 2011.  Divers reached a depth of 194M but still did not find the end of the cave or its mysterious source .  Even dye tracing has been unable to find the source. The expedition was funded in part by National Geographic.

Scroll down to see sneak peek pictures below

Aquacy Cave Diver Abalaone Dial

Abalone Dial

Aquacy Cave Diver Black Mother of Pearl Dial

Black Mother of Pearl Dial

Aquacy Cave Diver Blue Mother of Pearl Dial

Blue Mother of Pearl Dial

Aquacy Cave Diver White Mother of Pearl Dial

White Mother of Pearl Dial

Aquacy Cave Diver Vintage Blue Black  Dial

Vintage Blue Black Dial

Aquacy Cave Diver Case Back

Aquacy Cave Diver Lume

Aquacy Cave Diver Case Crown Side

Aquacy Cave Diver Case Side

Aquacy Cave Diver Buckle

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  • Just got in the mail my Aquacy Hei Matau Cave Diver Open Heart with the blue mother of pearl dial and it’s one of the nicest looking watches I’ve seen in a long time. Keep it coming with the specialty dials made of mother of pearl and abalone. You guys are putting out some really nice pieces – I look forward to what the future brings from Aquacy.

    Aaron Cantu on
  • I have purchased the Hei Matau with abalone face. Can not wait to see every piece you guys release. How can we get notified when this piece is ready to pre-purchase?

    Thomas Zeiszler on
  • Very nice, I would order one of each & would like one of each of your previous models as well to add to my 20 year watch collection. I buy to keep not to sell or flip. Please reach out to be by return email to work out a deal. Thank you & keep up the good work in creating wonderful timepieces. Always #KeepMovingForward & have a great weekend ahead.

    James Arthur on
  • I have purchased 2 watches from this watch maker and can not wait to see this one for sale as well. Great products and fantastic buying experience.

    JF on

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