Best Value Dive Watches. What Features Make Up The Best Value?

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You can google "Best Value Dive Watches" and you will find tons of sites directing you to the best dive watches.  Of course what is the "best" is largely subjective.

What features make up best value dive watches?  We think we know.

Build Quality:   A sturdy strap or bracelet, well attached to the case, is important. A well built dive watch could last for decades if maintained properly.  316L Stainless Steel for the build material would is both preferred and most common. A tight bezel, with little to no play, is a sign of a good build quality with great tolerances.

Legibility:  Being able to read the face of your watch, both above water and under water, are important.  When you are under water, it is the most critical time to be able to clearly see your watch. If it is difficult to read your watch face, it can cause you to lose track of time and that can be dangerous.  Quality lume is important for any good dive watch.

Water Resistance:  How much is enough? Unless you are going into the Marianas Trench sometime in the near future, then 300M is likely enough for almost anyone.

Rotating Bezel:  This is a given for a Pro Dive Watch. If the watch does not have a rotating bezel, it is simply not a dive watch.  Ceramic bezels seem to be the most in demand, being both nearly scratch proof and available in a wide variety of colors.

Crystal:  Sapphire crystal is the more desirable option here.  It is virtually scratch proof and very difficult to break so it should still look good even after you have owned the watch for years.

Movement:  Automatic or Quartz?  This is largely a matter of personal preference. Automatics are certainly considered "cooler".  They take more skill to manufacture, have jewels, is a very old technology, and you never have to change a battery.  But the downside is, automatic watches tend to be more expensive both in purchase price and to repair.

The Look:  This might be the most important feature.  At the end of the day, how many buyers of pro dive watches ever go diving in them?  The percentage is low.  So how it looks on your arm might be a bigger deciding factor than any of its mechanical abilities.  Its about the style you like, which is different for everyone.

Overall it might simply come down to this...Do you like how it looks?  Do you like the features?  Do you like the quality? Do you think you got a good deal and paid a fair price?  If the answer is yes to all the the above, you got a Best Value in Dive Watches.

At Aquacy we try to put all the features into a watch that our customers may want.  We try to provide enough colors and models so that you can find the watch with the features and look that best fits you.  We strive to provide the Best Value Dive Watches that we possibly can.


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