Pro Diver Watches. What Makes a Watch a "Pro Diver"?

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Pro Diver is short for "Professional Diver".  What makes a Pro Diver Watch?  We suppose that might be up for debate among watch enthusiasts.

The first pro diver watch, in a traditional sense, was made by Blancpain and called the Fifty Fathoms in 1953.   Many believe the Rolex Submariner design drew inspiration from the Fifty Fathoms, while some say Rolex outright ripped off the design.  Whichever side you are on, today the design of these two innovative companies inspires many different brands of watches including our own Aquacy Pro Diver Watches.

As far as the term "Pro Diver Watch" many brands have used it over the years for their series of watches including Oris, Invicta, Spinnaker and Breraorologi among others. But there has never been a strict definition on what it means to be "Pro".

The Aquacy 1769 series is among the best value in Pro Diver Watches in today's market.  We believe that we put all the features into it that make a "Pro Diver Watch".  We hope you will agree.  Features like a high quality 24 jewel movement, Helium escape valve, screw down crown, 120 click rotating Bezel with ceramic insert, and 300M water resistance.

Consider picking up an Aquacy pro Diver Watch today.  We offer one the best warranties in the industry at a price that is hard to resist.

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